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Month: May 2020

Why do laundry baskets have holes?

Where do girls usually put their dirty clothes and underwear? wardrobe? Under the bed?
It is usually placed beside the bed, near the wall, in the washing machine, or in the clothes basket. Basically, it will not be put for more than one day. Because girls love to be clean, the underwear will be put in the soft pocket and put in the washing machine, because it will not damage the underwear. Ordinary coats can be hung on the balcony to dry, and can be kept clean without washing

Why do laundry baskets have holes?

If it’s not the same day, it’s usually in the laundry basket.

What is a laundry hamper?

With the accelerated pace of people’s life, the dirty clothes that most people change will not be cleaned immediately, but will be piled up and put into the washing machine together, which can not only reduce trouble, save energy, but also be a good news for the little lazy. But dirty clothes also need to have storage tools, and they need to be placed in categories, so that they will be more convenient and labor-saving.

Prepare a dirty clothes basket, since then dirty clothes have a unified place. In addition to the clothing, but also to receive all kinds of debris, the home is neat without worry, and a few are not too many. Let’s see which kind of dirty clothes basket is most suitable for your family.
Hollow dirty clothes basket
The dirty clothes basket that can let the dirty clothes “breathe”. The clothes will not get moldy for a long time, and the capacity is also very large. It is an economical and practical dirty clothes basket, which is also very convenient to store.

Irregular geometric hollow shape, can better ventilation. Elegant color matching is very in line with modern aesthetic and life experience. Waterproof material, placed in the bedroom or bathroom is not a problem.
Cloth dirty clothes basket
There must be a dirty clothes mountain in every girl’s home. She often wears clothes that can’t be put into the wardrobe at one time and can’t be put on in the near future. The long-term accumulation will form a mountain that doesn’t need to be cleaned. Therefore, the clothes storage basket with high appearance value is the Savior of such situation. If you like simplicity, or the style of the room reveals delicacy everywhere, then this cloth dirty clothes basket is very suitable for you!
If the home space is not big, then how happy it would be to have a dirty clothes basket that can be folded and contracted. When you want to use it, take it out and put it in a corner at will. When you don’t use it, you can put it away. It doesn’t take up space, but at the same time, it makes you worry and feel relieved.

Folding wall hanging dirty clothes basket
Every time I take a bath, I always put the dirty clothes in a pile. I put them in the corner. It’s messy. When I wash them with the washing machine, sometimes I forget where I put them for a long time. They are moldy and damp. The whole person is not good. So it’s a good choice to put a dirty basket beside the washing machine.
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Where should the dirty clothes hamper be kept?

I don’t know where you put the dirty clothes. My daughter-in-law likes to put the dirty clothes in the bathroom. She thinks this is the place where the clothes should be put. If there are neighbors or other people coming to the bathroom to see these things, it will affect the image. But I choose to put the dirty clothes in a separate closet, which will not affect the image, but also can be placed properly. But my daughter-in-law says that there are many bacteria in the closet No one can persuade anyone. Maybe you would say that you can’t wash the dirty clothes immediately. But it’s cold in winter, and people are lazy. One or two clothes are not worth washing. They always want to save more clothes to wash together. I don’t know where everyone’s dirty clothes are?

Dirty clothes. Next to the washing machine.

nice laundry baskets

We are paying more and more attention to the renovation of our homes. The weather is getting warmer and many people are taking advantage of the change of seasons to pack up their homes. When you get home, you may usually throw your dirty clothes on the back of the chair or put them directly into the washing machine. Although there are countless places to put your clothes on, if you want to make your home look more harmonious and orderly, it’s better to put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

The laundry basket for dirty clothes is not a casual thing

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