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Where should the dirty clothes hamper be kept?

I don’t know where you put the dirty clothes. My daughter-in-law likes to put the dirty clothes in the bathroom. She thinks this is the place where the clothes should be put. If there are neighbors or other people coming to the bathroom to see these things, it will affect the image. But I choose to put the dirty clothes in a separate closet, which will not affect the image, but also can be placed properly. But my daughter-in-law says that there are many bacteria in the closet No one can persuade anyone. Maybe you would say that you can’t wash the dirty clothes immediately. But it’s cold in winter, and people are lazy. One or two clothes are not worth washing. They always want to save more clothes to wash together. I don’t know where everyone’s dirty clothes are?

Dirty clothes. Next to the washing machine.

What is the best laundry hamper?

I bought the laundry basket twice. The first time I bought it at Primark. It’s very cheap. It’s the most basic style of nylon cloth that can be folded. However, the quality is so poor that it didn’t take long for the tape to break. Later, I bought two Oxford cloth laundry bags with light and dark written on them respectively. It’s easy to classify, but I think the bags are deep. The ordinary standing laundry basket is not convenient to take to the laundry room and is not suitable for the current dormitory life, so it is not suitable. I want to ask you, what is the perfect laundry basket / bag in your mind? Or what are the disadvantages of the type of laundry basket being used now?

Is it so exquisite to buy a laundry basket now?
This one I used for three years is very useful. It’s long like this. It’s a rattan storage basket. I’ll search it by myself

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Today, our company is established.
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What is a laundry hamper?

What is a laundry hamper?

A frame beside the washing machine! It’s usually made of plastic! Specially put the clothes to be washed! General supermarket has bought!

You can put your dirty clothes in it so that the room won’t look messy until you rest and wash them in groups。

hamper laundry
You can put your dirty clothes in it so that the room won’t look messy until you rest and wash them in groups