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May 9, 2019 Product list

We are factories.

Support 30 days no reason to return.

You can rest assured that purchase!!

Our factory has been making large foreign trade orders for a long time.

Cloth, accessories and printing materials are purchased in large quantities every month,

Generally, small factories can’t do the low-cost advantages obtained through large-scale purchase,

Like letters, stripes, monochrome. Large size 40x50cm,

At least 14 yuan to 15 yuan for other families.

We can do at least 11.7.

You can compare this,

In Alibaba, our price of this size is one of the best.

There are 50 pieces in one box. The price is as follows:

Monochrome printing (letters, stripes) 11.7 yuan.

Multicolor printing (small tree) 12.9 yuan.

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